About Us

CDI Contractors, LLC was founded in March 1987 with the sole purpose to construct retail facilities for the upscale department store retailer Dillard's, Inc. (DDS).  CDI rose in the industry by successfully delivering Dillard's retail outlets all over the United States, with many being constructed simultaneously.  Now wholly owned by Dillard's, CDI continues to bring this method of construction efficiency to industries such as Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Government facilities, among others.

When you hire CDI, you're not just selecting a contractor, you're choosing a business partner. From the initial stages of design to the finished product, our inclusive team approach solicits vital input from client and architect to make certain that your project is successful. This method of doing business has created a streamlined approach to building that results in superior quality, greater financial efficiency and meticulous adherence to deadlines.