Arvest Bank

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Date Completed: 01/31/2008
Developer/Owner: Arvest Bank

CDI is proud to have constructed the first LEED-certified Gold bank in Arkansas.  The 8,478 square foot Arvest branch on Joyce Boulevard earned a total of 40 points in the categories of Water, Light, Site/ Landscaping, and Construction.

The use of recycled materials during construction includes considerations of low volatile organic compound content in carpet, paint and adhesives. The water system allows rainwater from the roof to be drained into two cisterns located under the parking lot which is used for toilets and a drip irrigation system. Collected rainwater for toilets is a first for the state of Arkansas. The drip irrigation system reduces the amount of water either lost to evaporation or wasted on sidewalks. The branch is also fitted with bioswales which hold water that is pumped from a pervious-pavement parking lot. The lot is built in a manner that allows rainwater to seep through then piped into the bioswales where the water is held until it re-enters the water table.

A special feature of the building is an educational "green wall" display to help customers understand the behind-the-scenes green building techniques and energy-efficient components of the building, from the bike racks to the indigenous landscaping.