Dillard's Department Stores

Various Cities, Various States
Date Completed: Varies
Developer/Owner: Dillard's, Inc.

CDI Contractors, LLC has performed over $3 billion in Dillard’s Department stores work in 28 states.  As a result, we have developed an excellent team of regional subcontractors and vendors who enable us to build challenging retail projects.

We have built every new Dillard’s store over the past two decades.  We specialize in retail stores ranging from new construction, open store expansion remodels, open store general remodels, closed store acquisition conversions, speciality shops, and rollouts.  In fact, we have worked in every Dillard’s store in the country on multiple occasions and many of these simultaneously.  At one time, CDI and its divisions has had crews in 27 separate stores, each accomplishing individual project goals.  The project scopes range from several remodels in Texas, to minor cosmetics remodels in Phoenix, to repair work in Virginia.

See some of our latest work in Sarasota, FL. Photos by Angel Navarro Productions

Through Dillard’s construction work, CDI has become known as the one of the most affordable and aggressive-scheduling builders in the retail construction segment.