Self-Performing Services

Building Information Modeling

By utilizing the available documents in conjunction with the Revit model provided by designer and/or owner, we are able to quanitify and accurately cost model the entire project. This is also where experience comes in. We input the data into BIM360 to allow the project owners, subcontractors, and other team members to have an accurate and up-to-date model of the project from start to finish. We also have a new software program that helps us keep up with the evolution of the design called ASSEMBLE. What this program does is track changes along the completion of the model. This helps us be even more accurate in our estimates but most importantly speeds up the process by telling us exactly what was changed since the last model update. All of these programs and modeling techniques allows us to quickly and accurately produce answers to "what if" scenarios and give rapid feedback to the team. 

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Electrical Division

CDI's Electrical Division provides power distribution, energy management, emergency generators, fire and security alarms, fiber optics, telecommunications, network and data systems, surveillance cameras, and systems testing.

Commercial Casework Installation

CCI services include custom feature wall build-outs, toilet/fitting room partitions, door installation, running trim/decorative feature millwork, and painting of millwork.

Custom Millwork

Custom Millwork provides services such as furnishing and installing architectural millwork (cabinetry) and trims. This helps enhance the quality of our projects to better reflect the creative intention of the designers.

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Drywall Contractors

DCI services include exterior structural metal stud framing, interior metal stud framing, installation of exterior sheathing and interior gypsum board, and installation of acoustical ceilings, as well as tape float and paint.

Licensed in states

CDI Contractors, LLC is a licensed General and/or Electrical Contractor in the states highlighted.

CDI Contractors

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