Collaboration in Construction

At CDI, we believe in working together to make construction a smooth and informed process for everyone involved. We use modern technology and techniques to ensure clear communication and teamwork among all project stakeholders. This helps keep you, the owner, well-informed and involved throughout the construction journey.

Effective Communication

We use advanced tools and methods to promote open and timely communication among all parties. Our project site becomes a hub for collaboration, where field staff, subcontractors, owner/owner’s representative, and the design team can easily interact. Our project managers, engineers, superintendents, and cost accountants use a comprehensive system for budget management, cost tracking, documentation, and reporting. This system seamlessly integrates with our other processes for smooth information sharing.

Staying on Track

Our team is dedicated to keeping the project on schedule or even ahead of it. We do this by actively maintaining an up-to-date project schedule. This schedule, prepared using industry-standard practices, helps everyone stay informed about project status and any critical timing concerns.


We are committed to being environmentally responsible in all our operations. Our experts in sustainable construction work closely with clients to ensure that the buildings we create are environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run. We employ practices like recycling construction materials, reusing suitable items, and properly disposing of hazardous materials to minimize our impact on the environment.

Fast-Track Progress

With our fast-track strategy, we can start construction before the design is finalized. Our experience in identifying and scheduling time-sensitive tasks speeds up project completion. We also focus on essential tasks to ensure the earliest possible delivery date.

Safety and Site Management

Safety is a top priority. We collaborate with your team to develop a customized safety plan that suits your project’s specific requirements. Our Safety Director conducts regular site visits to ensure safe working conditions. Training is tailored to the needs of the ongoing construction, and we hold weekly meetings to discuss safe practices with our team and subcontractors.

Smooth Project Completion

We’re committed to a smooth transition to your new building. We address any outstanding items on our own punch list before involving architects or engineers. Our contract closeout procedures are completed promptly, within 30 days of substantial completion. The closeout package includes all necessary operations and maintenance details, along with accurate records of the project.

Reliable Support

Even after completion, we’re here for you. As the general contractor, we offer ongoing consultation services. Our project management team is available during equipment and system warranty periods to address any concerns promptly and minimize disruptions.

At CDI, our approach is centered around collaboration, communication, and commitment to ensure your construction project is a success from start to finish.

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